Sitemap - 2023 - Post-Woke

82 years later: Pearl Harbor was NOT a surprise (plus: 3 other Star-Spangled lies)

What Do You REALLY Want From Others?

What gyms can teach us about "activism"

Why are most “geniuses” men?

I'm meme-ing of a...

A harder-working plank (row)

Becoming the “poster” children for performative intolerance

Henry Kissinger: Death of a Demon

Nearly 4 years later: To all those who defended the Covid narrative (and those who didn’t)

Today is #GivingTuesday

Here's a giant step toward creating change: Stop doing "activism"

seasonably chilly with a chance of memes

"Science" was dangerous long before Covid lockdowns, masks, distancing, jabs, etc.

3 positive ways to allocate some "Black Friday" money

The fourth Thursday in November

60 years ago: JFK, Dallas & Jack Ruby’s dog

the missing ingredient is radical faith

What do almost all war criminals and dictators have in common?

thank you, next (meme)

The CIA (In-Q-Tel), Wikipedia, Twitter, Netflix & Google: 5 Big Tech posts you probably didn't see

When humans coin a euphemism like "killer whale"

That time I told a priest to get out of his church more often

Dr. Margaret McFarland: The unsung woman behind Mister Rogers

Looking back at Colin Kaepernick & the folly of kneeling as "activism"

Welcome to Delete Culture™

don't meme it's over

What passes for "debate" these days

From churches to Chonky... (gallivanting in NYC with Alicen Grey)

Homeless for the holidays (& how to help)

Tales from a misspent youth

Big Pharma's deadly reach extends far beyond vaccines

Post-Woke #100: The truth about UGLY — Alicen Grey talks about her new album

ain't no stopping meme now

stage fright? (a Post-Woke pop quiz)

to doom scroll is to squander

For whom the kettlebell swings

Halloween Tricks & Treats

FYI: Possibly fewer posts for a while

Happy Hallow-meme

My conversation with a crow

Woke or free thinker: Same tactics & behaviors

Imagine if...

The wicked will fall into their own nets

"There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people"

I think myself happy

in the meme of the night

I can't believe we're still "protesting"

Hey doom scrolling "warriors"! Mister Rogers has a message for you...

What would our lives be like if we embraced & shared our truest selves?

I see Americans talking about "savages" & war crimes

Innocents die while virtue signaling "activists" do what virtue signaling "activists" do

Helping Homeless Woman (& Others) is 7 years old today!

Post-Woke #99: 7 years of helping the homeless & 2 years on Substack!

happy meme-aversary!

That’s how I (foam) roll

Males bond quickly when exploiting women

It's about time...

Some of what I've learned in my 2 years on Substack

4 of the many reasons why you should never trust news reports (or your friends' posts)

A reflection on mirrors (get it?)

do you know what i meme?

Chomsky vs. The Fonz

Thank you for helping me help others as we move toward another NYC winter

Pandemic of protocols & deadly doctors

Post-Woke #98: Why can’t I question capitalism without being called a “socialist”?

How often do you time travel?

My conversation with a "trans" in 2012

memetic modification

DeNiro rides the R train

animals strike curious poses

"Left" & "Right," "woke" & "patriot" — all united in the name of doom

contemplation: five short film scenes

When the shocking death of a former friend strengthens your resolve to help others

FYI: Misogyny is real & Pornhub is a rape factory

the meme & fall of 2023

6 reminders to find the good

More Substack ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Post-Woke #97: The “post-truth” warriors (& their diva “leaders”)

Beware the cannibals of "activism"

Here’s a small taste of what your support enables me to do for others

Too many are still "just following orders"

Occupy Memes

Gold = yet another psyop

How Billy Jack influenced a young Mickey Z.

Post-Woke #96: Is your smartphone melting your mind?

Science "experts" have us gleefully stomping & squishing Spotted Lanternflies

meek = keeping your strength under control

Rape Apologists: From Black Panthers to Hollywood (of course) & beyond (including Wikileaks)

Four 9/11-related posts

9/10 memes

Re-run: The 'Other 9/11' (& that time I gave a lecture at MIT)

Remembering the 9/11 jumpers: When is a suicide not a suicide?

“Panhandling is against the law. Please do not give to law-breakers.”

please allow me to re-introduce myself

Echo chambers are anti-imagination (BLM, "truth warrior" & more)

Time for a lunge break

Post-Woke #95: All about vaccines — with Dr. Brian Hooker of Children’s Health Defense

"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity"

by any memes necessary

NYC paramedic fired for not getting the jab REALLY needs our help now

Lead us not into "activist" temptation & deliver us from evil

It's not just the Parasite Class™ that controls narratives & rules by fear

“Stop leaning against the wall — it's wet”

Call to action: Always do the right thing

Does not wearing a Covid mask make anyone a “truth warrior”?

Rats: NYC's hot new attraction!

from meme to eternity

New York State threatens schools if they prohibit obscene & “trans”-related materials

When you find out that an early sweetheart is buried in NYC's potter's field

Might As Well Jump (Rope)

Post-Woke #94 — AI: Are humans the slaves or the masters? (w/Alicen Grey)

Are we gonna allow genocide to happen?

Street stories: Why helping others is the only way to live

What I said 23 years ago about propaganda, misinformation, GMOs & the American dream

The Emperor's New Memes

Reminder: The rich are vampires (& we must reject transhumanism, bots, microchips, etc.)

What have you done with your tongue lately?

Repression & censorship didn’t start in March 2020 (Eugene Debs & the legacy of dissent)

Thank you for helping me help others!

BREAKING: The CIA is watching!

Here Comes the Sun Salutation

Post-Woke #93: UFOs, AI, demons, angels, the CIA, levitation, jumping timelines, & more (w/Diana Pasulka)

I gotta be meme, I gotta be meme

Virginia Beach, Iranian Air Force, NYC sidewalks & the "sound of freedom"

BlackRock & other hidden financial realities

There's no such thing as "trans"

BREAKING: “Awareness” is Overrated

What Woody Guthrie sang about Jesus

How Tumblr mainstreamed porn culture

Flashback: Good reasons to not get the jab

Post-Woke #92: You can have friendly conversations whether you agree or disagree (military, jabs, gaming & more w/Ben Fahy)

do you know what i meme?

I'm already expanding my street relief work!

Take 10 seconds w/Mister Rogers (the antidote to Camp Substack)

Would Tyler Durden be “woke” or a “truth warrior”?

Writing on Substack should NOT be like conducting an orchestra

America means never having to say you’re sorry (ventilators, pesticides, drones & so much more)

Best possible 'job' in the world: Creating Miracles!

take a picture, it'll last longer

you really got meme

PROOF: Biden is a robot!

Be Like Superman

Post-Woke #91: What do BLM & the “Medical Freedom Movement” have in common?

Counting seagulls (a contemplation of industrial/digital culture)

10 Easy Ways for Men to Challenge Gender Roles (without being woke, trans, or non-binary)

A change on my Substack

When April met Saddam (learn who to trust)

What a forgotten 2014 documentary can teach us about "sex" trafficking & missing children

We are such stuff as memes are made on

Up Against the Wall, Motherf***er

This Plank Ain't Made for Walkin'

Post-Woke #90: THIS PODCAST IS A PSYOP! (and if you don’t believe me, you must be controlled opposition)

"Trans" = gay conversion therapy

Bruce Lee died 50 years ago today

Deja vu all over again: Animal rights "activists" 10 years ago, "truth movement" today

A note to all the "activists" & "warriors"

Mickey Z. on the "What in the World" podcast!

When tears, laughter & prayers = miracles

life is but a meme

The lies that launched Black Lives Matter (and other "movements")

As the prodigal son teaches us: It’s not too late to turn back

NATO lies, jabs & fries, child traffickers rise & a man steals a woman's prize

No child was safe around Allen Ginsberg & William S. Burroughs

Up Against the Wall (Sit)

Post-Woke #89: Margaret Anna Alice on wake-up calls, Covid-era tyranny/censorship & how to resist propaganda

That night the NYC sky turned blue

fly meme to the moon

A Titanic Faith

Fake news, movies, commercials... you are being lied to about almost everything

Let the “Sex Workers” Speak for Themselves!

Hey, who remembers the "lockdowns"?

Go see "Sound of Freedom"!

Sound of Freedom: "God’s children are no longer for sale"

NYC pizzerias get a slice of carbon reductionism

Don't Tread on Meme

Accommodating "trans" theory = being an accomplice to a crime

Row, row, row your dumbbell

Aussie cops paid $1300 to identify as ‘gender neutral’ - Teen girls in UK say NO to ‘trans’ lies - And yes, they ARE coming for your children

Post-Woke #88: How superheroes like Batman & Iron Man make you crave transhumanism (w/Alicen Grey)

Vaccines: Major risk for you & your kids, NO risk for Big Pharma

Great way to protect kids: teach them the joys of helping & giving

Bootcamp Workouts: Bringing the War Home

Ninth-grade curriculum in Canada: porn, jabs, bodily fluids, bondage & cake batter?

NYC Drag Marchers: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children!”

summertime and the meme-ing is easy

A look back at Covid & poor nations

Mary Johnson taught us forgiveness. Now she needs our help to make a miracle happen.

It’s Time to Step Up

Post-Woke #87: Exposing the demand side of prostitution & its big money connection to porn (w/Samantha Berg)

Who was the most revolutionary of all leaders?

I was interviewed by Tessa Lena on "Make Language Great Again"!

“The arms of the Third Reich were broken but the real winner was Hitler”

How contagious are you?

Here's YOUR chance to help miracles happen for an injured woman and cat

The Father of All Meme Posts

Daniel Ellsberg: Rest in Power & Peace

A Big (photogenic) Apple

If you ever start trusting U.S. businessmen, remember Henry Ford

The World Economic Forum & PETA wage war on the Bible

Instead of gloom & doom, you can leave a legacy of hope for the next generation

Watch Joe Biden "restore the soul of America"

When was the last time you performed a miracle?

Burpee: Funny name, serious fitness

Post-Woke #86: How to win friends & resist propaganda (w/Chris Cook & Mickey Z.)

meme of consciousness

I live in the most ethnically & linguistically diverse urban area on the planet

Anything Paul Revere can do, a 16-year-old girl can do better

Proven guilty of innocence (but not naïve)

Embrace your superpowers, connect with others, & leave places better than how you found them

What kind of monster blows up a dam?

Big Pharma & direct-to-consumer advertising

D-Day = Disinformation Day

Squat + Kick = Squat Kick

Post-Woke #85: Woke Censorship vs. Academic Freedom (w/Law Professor Scott Gerber)

Hello, is it meme you're looking for?

Some of what I did to occupy the “activist” life

The US spends more on defense [sic] than the next 10 countries combined

That time my pediatrician lied to “do no harm”

Ironically, we ARE "all in this together" (but we need more role models)

Woke "justice" in action: Christian Cooper

Post-Woke #84: Vax-injured college athlete embraces the healing power of faith

Who will you honor/ignore on Memorial Day?

All I have to do is meme...

there’s more than one way to climb a mountain

What a giant pile of unsold clothing in the desert can teach us about real resistance

Woke + hook-up culture =

Throwback Thursday: Deadly Covid protocols, student loan forgiveness, Will Smith’s slap, presidential brain damage & the "meek"

Doing squats with John Gotti's lawyer

What I wrote 3 days after 9/11

Wanted: Free thinkers to become paid subscribers

Post-Woke #83: The Viral Delusion: Covid, AIDS & pseudoscience w/Mike Wallach

it's all about me(me)

There's more to NYC subways than crime

“Sometimes shitty memes are effective”: A pandemic of arrogance & contempt

a tree of life — right outside my window

Elon Musk, the World Economic Forum, microchips, Covid & all that jazz

Is it unethical or dishonest to hide your opinion on the media narrative from your friends?

How to throw a good left hook

Post-Woke #82: Faith, astral travel, telepathy & God’s Love — a conversation w/Alicen Grey

Mama, I just posted memes...

Alicen Grey interviewed by Tessa Lena!

The rise and fall of a guy we called Neech

Why can’t I question capitalism without being called a “socialist”?

3 simple ways to improve your balance

Don’t underestimate the anxiety of Covid, CBDCs, jabs, censorship, Great Reset & more

Finding reconnection through the power of human touch (and rescue hugs)

walk by faith as a form of manifestation

I photographed the latest NYC subway victim

smells like meme spirit

Springtime in Central Park

evidence does not change (most) minds

"Practice social distancing and do not bring people to hang out here"

Mickey Z. on the "Above the Bar" podcast!

The lie that is "journalism"

Post-Woke #81: What if the Great Reset “died suddenly” on Epstein Island?

Why doom-scroll when so much is possible?

Do "activists" actually want to win?

Prayer does not have an expiration date

Happy Birthday to meme!

Speak up and judge fairly: Mickey Z. at the mic

Hairy male creep on the cover of Brides Today

Post-Woke #80: Can we “trust the science” when it comes to nutrition? w/Jennifer Depew

Freedom of Speech (just watch what you say)

Loyal customer confronts rude laundry owner. You won’t believe what happened next!

Was Mister Rogers a TERF?

The only thing evil can't stand is forgiveness

don't let meme down

the earth needs more than a "day"

Like Tyson in Tokyo — but I missed the punch (a street story)

Post-Woke #79: DIY: Grow your own food, be your own expert, stay healthy w/Maddy Harland

I will sing a new song (will you join me?)

“The media shows the tiniest percentage of what people do”

“Activists” are what “activists” do (left, right & everywhere else)

That time I almost accidentally joined the NYPD

to sleep, perchance to meme

Robot police dogs + fake crime waves

Do you believe in ghosts? (a poem)

Post-Woke #78: Basketball legend John Stockton speaks out on masks, jabs, autonomy, and... load management

5 ways to look at mountains

Join me on Notes

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

I just interviewed John Stockton: basketball legend & health freedom advocate

How 'free-thinking' are we...really?

I heard the (good) news today, oh boy...

Post-Woke #77: Are You Evil? w/Alicen Grey

don't put all your memes in one basket

What’s the life of a single raccoon worth?

What's "good" about Good Friday?

RFK Jr. vs. the well-oiled slander machine

Kurt Cobain died 29 years ago today...

Manhood Movies: Why do actors like Robert De Niro play so many evil psychopaths?

It's time for Pfizer's endgame

Post-Woke #76: Father Nathan Castle guides stuck souls on Earth — and in the afterlife

Humanity vs. Transhumanism: It's spiritual warfare and the bots are getting bolder

your young men will see visions, your old men will dream memes

no lies detected.

I just got interviewed by Tessa Lena!

Happy Cesar Chavez Day!

Jabs caused 300,000 excess deaths & $147 billion in damage to economy in 2022

looks like you've just seen a ghost (sign)

Big Pharma's herd immunity: U.S. gov't wants to give Moderna more jab $$$

Being a radical has led me to sometimes live a double life — is that a good thing?

Malcolm X & the intelligent search for truth

Post-Woke #75: Say no to AI "health care" and say yes to human healing w/Mary Lou Singleton

the interpretation of memes

My friend, Chonky the cat

Beware the “Nuclear Rogue State” (Hint: Not Iran)

We are all mortal until the first (machine) kiss

The hitchhiker’s guide to… juvenile delinquency, perverts & luck

That's DOCTOR Greta to you! ("How dare you?")

Female urinals, extra-woke Hollywood, privacy violations, mouse brain cells, pizza & Disneyland

My parable of the sparrows in the age of fake news — hubris, hayseeds & hope

Can "activists" borrow something from (gasp) Corporate Culture™?

Remembering the "Ground Zero Cross" (and my Mom)

Post-Woke #74: Holocaust survivor, Vera Sharav, says “Never Again” to Covid lies, Nazi tactics, and transhumanism

meme springs eternal!

a couple of simple, humble requests

Ringalario 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3! (raised on NYC street games)

NYC: From "No mask, no entry" to "Take Off Your Fucking Mask"

Happy St. Patrick's (Battalion) Day!

Silicon Valley Bank collapse & the push for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)

My Lai, 'killing ideology' & disobeying orders: 55 years ago today

Never trust a member of the Parasite Class™ — especially when they talk about Jesus

The one time in my life I was called “gangsta” (by a homeless woman!)

Why would anyone ever assume we're not being manipulated 24/7?

I'm interviewing Vera Sharav this week!

Post-Woke #73: Gun facts that may REALLY surprise you w/Guy Smith

Meme me up, Scottie!

The truth about the Tennessee "drag" bill

Billy Blanks still owes me $150 (and other stories from my “acting” career)

Artificial Intelligence = Artificial Intimacy

What the ‘Greatest Generation’ did — 78 years ago today

That time a homeless woman's prayer was answered...

May the Covid-related lawsuits continue!

Henry Kissinger, AWOL soldiers, VD & the “Good" War

Drug dealers & pornographers on the NYC subway!

Staying encouraged as we take down the Parasite Class™

the stuff of memes

More jab programming in New Woke City

the plural of haiku is haiku (x 20)

Saving Fauci’s Life? (a thought experiment)

Have you ever had a NYC egg cream?

Post-Woke #72: Celia Farber on her book release, AIDS, Covid, Fauci, journalism, vindication, & so much more

Some facts are conveniently ignored in the gun debate [sic]

I just interviewed Celia Farber again!

Can You Spell W-I-S-E-A-S-S? (more tales from a misspent youth)

"Choose Sides in the War Against Imagination"

Highway of Death: 32 years ago today in Kuwait/Iraq

meme until your memes come true

Dictator Trudeau suffers a setback, NYC sells discount ventilators, plus: my supermarket haiku!

As requested: An Asbury Revival chat thread

Post-Woke #71: What if your child is manipulated into a "transgender" identity? w/Taylor Reece

Mask news: trying not to say "I told you so"

That time I was the “Underground Poet”

East Palestine, Ohio: Liver cancer & digital ID

Reminder: Jimmy Carter was just like all the other presidents

Happy Birthday, George Washington (plus: a revival in Kentucky)

3 years later & NYC still loves the Covid cult

in memes begin responsibility

81 years ago: The Land of the Free™ built internment camps

another reason to NOT trust the average doctor when it comes to jabs

Free speech victory in New York State!

Post-Woke #70: What flat earth theory reveals about YOU w/Alicen Grey (in person)

who doesn't love a sweet bodega cat?

125 years ago today: Remember the Maine (propaganda)

Being a tourist in my hometown: In Manhattan, with my BFF

Reminder: The Greatest Generation™ deliberately bombed civilians

meme, myself & I

Signs of Early Onset Activist Syndrome

HBOMax tries to turn the past #woke

That time I met a homeless prophet in the NYC subway

Has masculinity been driven berserk?

AI + OnlyFans + porn = ?

Post-Woke #69: The danger of men who “Self ID” as women w/Belissa Cohen

Some ‘Rumble Fish’ make their own way back to the river

boulevard of broken memes

Jab news from California. Plus: The COVID lab leak theory & the WHO goes full CIA

Never Again? The same criminals who funded Hitler are imposing tyranny on us today

5 questions for drag queens & their enablers

a post of gratitude & requests

That time when Josh Gibson hit a ball out of Yankee Stadium (or not)

Yet another true conspiracy: Asbestos, corporate science & Hollywood

What does "real" mean in an AI world?

Post-Woke #68: Art as a spiritual path w/Alicen Grey

what happens to a meme deferred?

"Trans" vs. Children: Which side are YOU on?

What do we really know about the all-knowing doctors we're programmed to worship?

Friends and other strangers

The WEF reading our minds & what happens when we casually "trust the science"

The Hidden Power & Magic of Cats

Healthcare without the health or care (part 2)

A Brave New Meme (ft. Bill Hicks)

Reminder: YOU have the power to make a difference in the lives of others

An early 2023 Post-Woke poll

"Amazon Clinic" is here (healthcare without the health or the care)

Why I Write: Let me count the ways…

Throwback Thursday: The 6-feet-apart lie

Not every death is caused by the jab

Pfizer & Moderna funded Twitter's "misinformation" campaign

Post-Woke #67: Talking about Canada's censorship, groupthink & media w/Chris Cook

That’s why they call it “Programming”

Don't stop meme now (I'm having such a good time)

Fauci’s lies, self-driving car accidents, assisted suicide & more

the conformity of non-conformity (10 years ago yesterday)

Reminder: Conscious, pervasive manipulation and "fake news" is NOT new

In the Presence of Miracles (remembering my Mom)

Climb every mountain (or maybe not)

Post-Woke #66: Vaccines, medical fraud, autism, protecting kids & fighting back w/Jeremy R. Hammond

Don’t hold your happiness for ransom

Reminder: The Medical Mafia™ has been at it for more than a century

non-binary memes & algorithmic dreams

“The walls are the publishers of the poor”

O (dead) Christmas Tree, O (dead) Christmas Tree

BLM, OWS & the folly of street "activism"

That time I gave a lecture at Yale University

Yet another reason to despise Big Pharma

Let's all go much further than halfway there

Post-Woke #65: From sideline reporting to 'Sideline Sanity,' Michele Tafoya lives by her values

Yours truly (as Paul Revere), on the Gorilla Radio podcast!

Let men in the ladies bathroom or it’s re-education for you!

Happy New Memes - 2023!