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Post-Woke #76: Father Nathan Castle guides stuck souls on Earth — and in the afterlife

It’s all about helping others experience freedom and love

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Mickey Z.
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Post-Woke #76: Father Nathan Castle guides stuck souls on Earth — and in the afterlife

It’s all about helping others experience freedom and love

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Father Nathan Castle, O.P., is a Catholic priest and career campus minister but, he explains: “I don’t see myself as serving people of only one religious tradition. The word ‘catholic’ means ‘universal,’ and I’m a priest God has called to serve the universe — including the parts of it we can’t see.”

Father Nathan explains: “I believe we are eternal. I believe the Creator who made us loves us —wildly. Beyond belief. My mission is to help people live in the present, feel loved, and dwell in joyful hope. As a Catholic priest, I specialize in helping those who feel ‘stuck’ — whether in this Earthly life or in the afterlife — experience freedom.”

He has helped more than 500 “stuck” and not-so-stuck souls who died suddenly and traumatically to adjust to the afterlife. Victims of fires, automobile accidents, shootings, stabbings, drownings, and suicides come to him in his dreams seeking help to resolve their Interrupted Death Experiences. (Father Nathan is quick to point out that not everyone who dies suddenly gets stuck.)

He believes that providing such help is something the Holy Spirit has given him and his prayer partners to do. He is the author of And Toto, Too: The Wizard of Oz as a Spiritual Adventure and Afterlife, Interrupted (Books 1 and 2): Helping Stuck Souls Cross Over.

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