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How an "activist" celebrates New Year's Eve (2011 & 2012)

Some random stuff I found on Twitter

Do you have "false beliefs"? Don't worry, the National Science Foundation will correct them

Mickey Z. on the 'Sideline Sanity' podcast w/Michele Tafoya!

A look back at masks, PCR tests & lockdowns

Remember all those female rockers who turned out to be sexual predators? (Yeah, me neither)

When the upper echelons of the Parasite Class™ flex their power

All I want for Christmas is... memes

Vaxxed blood/New Zealanders injured by the jab/Canada tries to normalize suicide (to kids)

You saw Mommy doing what with Santa?

Best Medicine: What makes YOU laugh? (lol)

I'll be on "Sideline Sanity" w/Michele Tafoya!

Top Post-Woke podcasts of 2022: Ed Dowd, Jessica Rose, Dr. Robert Malone, Charles Eisenstein, Celia Farber & Vandana Shiva

Never had a Facebook profile? Meta may still have your data

Even social engineers get socially engineered (plus: The White House pays Twitter & vax injuries cannot be ignored)

The Home of the Brave™, Panama & Noriega: 33 years ago today

Post-Woke #64: Monica Lynn exposes the “Troubled Teen Industry”

This December 24, have yourself a merry little "Honest Media Day"

he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you post memes

Occupy Wall Street vs. Trinity Wall Street Church/real estate empire (11 years ago today)

That time I was called a Christmas "hater"

Post-Woke #63: “Anecdotals” director Jennifer Sharp on how the vaccine-injured are censored & silenced

How to lose your mind (a parable of sorts)

Watch for the (Covid) signs

Here we go again with "overcrowded ICUs"!

thinking about death can enhance your life

Watch "Anecdotals" (for free) - a documentary about those injured by the jab

Post-Woke #62: Kim Witczak stands up to Big Pharma, the FDA & dangerous medications

memes for the war on christmas!

The World Cup lives in my neighborhood

Mom got her chain snatched, Dad drove on the sidewalk & I learned plenty

Never forget the Pentagon Papers & the importance of brave resistance now

Some facts about that bastion of NYC wildlife: the pigeon

"Anecdotals" is a new doc about vax adverse events & I'm interviewing the director

Iran & the Great Reset: Freezing bank accounts for women without hijabs

Pearl Harbor: 81 years of deception

My visit to the most haunted place in NYC

Post-Woke #61: Overcoming Social Media Addiction & Censorship w/Alicen Grey

Does it really matter if Trump is re-elected?

X marks the (chemtrail) spot

merry memes for the holiday psyop

“Big Daddy” — a parable I wrote 20 years ago but it never goes out of style

Who you gonna believe, Google or your own 3 eyes?

Did the U.S. gov't ever "support the troops”?

"In the dark times, will there also be singing?"

What “High Noon” can teach us about self-defense & rebellion

The Reality Manifesto (30 years & counting)

it started as "two weeks to flatten the curve"

How will lockdown lovers respond to news from China?

Post-Woke #60: Ed Dowd on the biggest fraud in history: vaccines, all-cause mortality, Big Pharma, Wall Street & more

Podcast interview w/Ed Dowd coming soon plus: a big THANK YOU to new subscribers!

The cycle of abuse our children face

memes to create herd immunity

When the vaccine IS the infection

NYC, the fear narrative & more

Watch "Died Suddenly" & share it with a normie!

a photo taken on a solitary Thanksgiving walk

A Thanksgiving Prayer

“Trans” gets you paid & protest costs you access to your money

Happy un-Thanksgiving!

The “free thinking” echo chamber

The RSV scare, polio vaccine & even more deaths caused by “medicine”

As the Taliban and female infanticide remind us: Sex Differences Are Real

Post-Woke #59: Protecting children from the "trans” agenda w/Brandon Showalter

mashed memes with a side of tyranny

Let There Be Light (Pollution)

Visiting a movie museum alongside the walking dead of Covid-era NYC

Remember the vaccine scandal in Maryland? (of course, you don’t)

Alexa, how does digital slavery start?

(almost) all the leaves are brown

clowns to left of me, jokers to the right

Question repeated: Will you join the Internet of Bodies?

memes vs. (gluten-free) bread & (virtual) circuses

When you "support the troops," here's what you're really endorsing

This is for anyone who uses mainstream media sources to "prove" they are "right"

Facebook combats "climate misinformation”; Zuckerberg, etc. amass private jet collections

Post-Woke #58: How language programs our consciousness and reality w/Dani Katz

That time I, um... redistributed some wealth

When each “side” sees the other as “brainwashed”

All you need is love (and a small, well-trained army?)

6 reasons to feel grateful for the "pandemic"

unjabbed memes & radical dreams

“Let your life be a counter-friction to stop the machine"

Another world is possible: Build it and they will become

“Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion”

If you want less war, stop swooning over soldiers

The “invisible government” manipulates you all day, every day

Everything you know about self-defense is wrong

When the good [sic] guys slaughter civilians with God’s “permission,” are they still good guys?

Can we be anti-anti during a war for survival?

"He who controls the weather will control the world"

After Halloween comes Thanksgiving

halloween screams & memes

WTF is Google up to now?

One year on Substack!

Music (video) for a mass awakening

AIDS, Fauci, Wikipedia & my reputation

They, Robot

This Halloween, you wanna see something really scary?

NYC mandate news highlights Covid hypocrisy

Post-Woke #57: Celia Farber on Covid, AIDS, Fauci, woke fascism & how we will win

I just interviewed Celia Farber!

How did we get into this medical mess?

Reminder: Biden's jab promise [sic]

Alien invasion (the original fake news)

me + me = meme (plus: a young Elon Musk)

Thank you, subscribers!

images of resistance

What's behind the mad rush to jab kids?

AIDS, Covid-19, Confederate prisoners & a million more stories on Hart Island

The epidemic that killed 8% of NYC’s population

Spooky season: King Vampire, Fauci's Wuhan edits & Japan goes (even more) digital

Post-Woke #56: Tessa Lena on forgiveness, spirituality, the healing power of art & more

(Fire) Escape from New York

“The Real Anthony Fauci” is now a documentary

Can we balance self-reflection & contempt?

the meme rises to the top

New Yorkers confront AOC

What Helping Homeless Women Taught Me About Buddhism

Pfizer moves at the "speed of science": too fast to test for preventing transmission

What did Paul McCartney mean by “Let It Be”?

Drag queen middle school teacher makes sexual comments to children at drag event

Gimme (Fallout) Shelter

Trans agenda leaders have names & backstories... & lots of money

How do we heal from a pandemic of collective grief?

Putin & Russia (and Ukraine) still on board with the Great Reset

What the Titanic lifeboats can teach us (or not)

Columbus is buff and ready for genocide

Post-Woke #55: Alicen Grey creates her own algorithm

Call to Action: Defend free speech in Canada!

lucid memeing

Reminder: Elon Musk is not on your side

A drug lord & his hungry, hungry cocaine hippos

Are we the ideal subjects for a grand social experiment?

How many nukes has the U.S. lost?

"Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors"

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people leading ordinary lives

Your embedded illusions are blocking your magical powers

The Paypal Mafia strikes again

thinking about propaganda

meme catcher (and Fauci cashes in)

My Dad, the Mafia, and machine guns in the kitchen

I just made a very rare foray into the medical care vortex

Was there a man on the moon?

Not all gurus wear robes

I bless the [Covid stats] down in Africa

A very brief mask update from NYC

Post-Woke #54: Everything from adverse events to surfing to the power of the human spirit w/Dr. Jessica Rose

memes and other schemes

Pandemic? Great Reset? How about... a beginner's mind?

I just interviewed Dr. Jessica Rose again!

Is Japan flirting with disaster?

questions for my subscribers

“Truth is outside of all patterns” — the subversive Tao of Bruce Lee

Are you ready for “the world’s first Covid-19 doorbell”?

Post-Woke #53: Financial coup d’état in the U.S.A. w/John Titus

Cindy Sheehan is awake, not #woke (and she quoted me about it!)

Did God’s Country™ collaborate with Nazis & the Mafia?

Remember the 2019 Wuhan Military Games? (most people don’t)

It's time for doctors to be honest about myocarditis (and more)

requiem for a meme

Biden biohazard: biotechnology, bioeconomy, bio-this, bio-that...

Your life isn’t perfect… but this post is?

In case you missed it (part 2): BlackRock, Wikipedia, Netflix & the CIA

Helping Others = Helping Yourself

Adult male footballer says he "feels like a 15-year-old girl”

In case you missed it: Protocols, co-morbidities, PCR tests & jabs

9 Ways to Seize the Day

Billionaires, bunkers & brain damage

A 9/11 trip to the bakery

Post-Woke #52: Standing up to fear-based medical surveillance w/Mary Lou Singleton

What 9/11 means to me in 2022

What if we acted like everybody's watching?

Sweet memes are made of this

God Save the Queen

The 'Other 9/11' (& the time I gave a lecture at MIT)

New Yorkers beg to keep wearing masks

Some short videos to make you smile or weep ... or fight back

a brief note about comments...

That time Billy Joel called me crazy

Whose thermostat is it anyway?

Post-Woke #51: There is no such thing as “transgender” w/Belissa Cohen

50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot

On Labor Day, remember the Lowell Mill Girls

Reminder: The #1 cause of death is the Medical Mafia™

The meme rises to the top

Birds vs. Tweets: Which sounds are you tuned into?

Fauci’s Hall of Shame, 8 mice, UC Berkeley fears the flu & other sordid tales

Did Covid stress ICUs in an unprecedented way?

Holy $5.6 billion! What's the Pope up to?

Let Them Eat Bugs

Being 15 in woke Oregon: No tattoos or alcohol, but double mastectomies are fine

Reminder: Dissent is a marathon — not a sprint

Activists: What does "winning" mean to you?

Post-Woke #50: RUN RABBIT RUN! — music for the mass awakening w/Alicen Grey

You may say I'm a memer (but I'm not the only one)

Reminder: BOTH parties support the Great [sic] Reset

Since everyone is talking about student loans again…

'RUN RABBIT RUN!' — music for the mass awakening — drops today

More from my chat with Vandana Shiva

Is Spotify shadow-banning Joe Rogan?

Six Feet Apart/Six Feet Under: Social distancing = lethal

You were targeted by misinformation from 'digital first responders'

Dr. Fauci’s pen$ion — thanks to kickbacks & “bio-defense”

tell me you're in a cult without telling me you're in a cult

Post-Woke #49: Mickey Z. interviews Vandana Shiva

Fauci is stepping down in December

Remember when talking about microchips would get you called a “conspiracy theorist”?

I just interviewed Vandana Shiva

Sunday memes: We're all in this together

ACAB, except...

Parasite Planet: Ivermectin, 'edible' insects & so-called 'elites'

Masked "activists" take on Trump & Fox

"Pill Hill" & other high school hauntings

“I’d Rather Be High” — the new single from When Humans Had Wings

Facebook & Instagram de-platform Children's Health Defense (CHD)

Reports of NYC’s demise are greatly exaggerated

toxic baby food: the parasite class never cared about your kids

Post-Woke #48: Questions for God from Charles Eisenstein, Cindy Sheehan, Alicen Grey, Uncle Butch & more

4 jabs + Pfizer CEO = Covid-19?

Mickey Z. on the Gorilla Radio Show!

Prince warned us in 1999: "Don't be fooled by the Internet"

The World Economic Forum is getting nervous

Bless me, Pharma & other Sunday fun

death & taxes

Mattias Desmet: How to heal from mass formation

#diedsuddenly hashtag blocked by Facebook

Monkeypox, misogyny, memes & more

What question would you ask God?

What happened to the folks who marched against Monsanto?

Get me to the Greek Reset?

Post-Woke #47: Why Cindy Sheehan ditched Facebook (and you should, too)

When social media censorship fails...

The World Series meets the World Economic Forum

A reminder of just how deadly the lockdowns are

Woke rules: Beyonce is offensive. Jay Z is not.

Tell a Big Pharma lie & kids will die

More from Charles Eisenstein (and me)

tell me wokeism is anti-female without using those words

Is Mark Zuckerberg an anti-vaxxer?

Fake News + Bad Journalism = New Normal

Post-Woke #46: Mickey Z. interviews Charles Eisenstein

Why did the U.S. nuke civilians?

Like being a woman, having Covid is just "a feeling"

Biden, Brain Damage, and Reagan’s Example

Moving closer to a cashless society

How an e-mail from AOC relates to the Covid death count

Moving the Covid vaccine goalposts

What's a "recession"? Don't ask Wikipedia!

Free thinkers lead by example

The World Economic Forum wants your car & Amazon wants your healthcare

WHO hires “Stalin’s nanny” and she LOVES masking & social distancing

Social media mind control, spiritual warfare, evil inter-dimensional clowns & more!

NYC: Still following "the science"

Fauci knows the truth (but ignores it)

Zelenskyy in Vogue

WEF, Bill Gates, World Bank: "Paving a Digital Road to Hell"

meet the vice president

Your kids are being groomed to eat bugs

If only we could find a possible cause for the current wave of "sudden deaths"...

Post-Woke #45: Social media mind control, spiritual warfare & evil inter-dimensional clowns w/Alicen Grey

How the U.S. is like a casino

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”

Novak Djokovic, "the science" & you

Yet another Facebook ban

Welcome to #woke archaeology!

So... Biden has the thing

Data collection, dangerous jabs, a mad rush on smaller-size caskets & Bill Gates Watch

Bruce Lee vs. segregation

Keep complying and you’ll soon be eating bugs and weeds

Thank you, new paid subscribers!

That time an undercover cop “infiltrated” Occupy Wall Street

Liar Thomas: "Woman" of the year?

Think about it: We casually use “Google” as a verb

so, hot weather is the new thing?

How a dystopian society "solves" the school shooting "problem"

dazed, but not confused

Covid-positive ankle bracelets in Hong Kong

Post-Woke #44: Mickey Z. interviews Dr. Robert Malone

All across Europe, farmers say NO to the Great Reset!

What I learned about journalism as a teenager

Make 1984 Fiction Again

In 2 days: My podcast with Dr. Robert Malone

The Manhattan Project (literally)

Post-Woke #43: Monkeypox, vaccine mandates, digital IDs, WEF, censorship & more w/Dr. Meryl Nass

The only thing we have to fear is...?

Nigeria is a testing ground for digital IDs & biometric data collection

Land of the Free™

Bill Gates wants YOU to accept the Great Reset

Heed the signs

Defining "my body, my choice"

“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable...”

Post-Woke #42: Defending our privacy and personal freedom from digital dictators w/Nick Corbishley

Americans would rather die than retire

Pawns with Lawns

this is a sign.

Post-Woke #41: Kids in schools: PCBs are more common & dangerous than guns w/Dr. David Carpenter

A LONG train of abuses and usurpations...

Maintain your independence at all costs

this is what independence looks like

stay strong and pay close attention

do you ever get the feeling...


Thought Police (literally)

Post-Woke #40: Choosing the Great Awakening over the Great Reset w/Tessa Lena (musician, writer & thinker)

Repeat after me: Technology is NOT neutral

Looks like it’s time for street “activism” again…

The Fauci Exception

Nazi Germany, the Holy Grail & how the occult still shapes our world

alternative facts

it's what i do...

Post-Woke #39: Does psychiatry do more harm than good? w/Bruce Levine

a happy no-vax story

At least Biden didn't say "menstruating person"

each of us is a web of contradictions

The Propaganda & the Pea

Reminder: The U.S. gov’t & the corporations that own it has committed mass medical murder

Can you prove you're sentient?

For kids in schools, PCBs are more common & more dangerous than guns

Are you drunk on social media?

Post-Woke #38: Art, awareness & allies in the age of Covid w/Anne Gibbons

In the words of Bill Gates...

Allen Ginsberg: poet, writer, artist, activist, teacher… and pedophile

mRNA Covid jab reduces sperm count for up to 5 months

Machine Guns in the Kitchen

The Great Reset = Financial Abuse

More from me and Cindy Sheehan!

Monkeypox is Racist

We need a new word for “Left”

Post-Woke #37: Covid Mass Formation & the Psychology of Totalitarianism w/Mattias Desmet

more relatable content

True or False: You Are a Liar

What if the “Don’t Say Gay” bill doesn’t say “gay”?

I am Jack's seething contempt and exasperation.

If you could have dinner with one person from the past...

evolution is the only solution

They openly tell us what they're doing...

What do you REALLY know about student loan forgiveness?

Drag queens, children & woke grooming

No gun except "Top Gun"?

Cindy Sheehan, Mickey Z. & weird “activist” karma (part 1)

Let sleeping fossils lie...

U.S. = War, Inc. (part 4)

I would call this Orwellian, but...

The entire culture needs to be recycled

winning hearts and minds

Unmask Our Kids!

very relatable content

What’s missing from the gun "debate"? (part 2)

Liberals & Conservatives: United by Misogyny

U.S. = War, Inc. (part 3)

My life has been a series of “Dylan goes electric” moments

How do you normalize digital IDs?

Two Years Later: The Truth About Amy Cooper

Bernie & AOC = Playing the role of “anti-war”

The guiding principle behind all my work

Sweden launches a War on Memes!

Programming the next generation of transhumanist drones

U.S. = War, Inc. (part 2)

“A cop sleeps inside each one of us. We must kill him.”

Virus Voting

Post-Woke #36: We don’t need the “left” to resist the Great Reset w/Paul Cudenec

Our 'Health Care Heroes' in Action!

This week in Davos...

U.S. = War, Inc. (part 1)

What’s missing from the gun debate [sic]?

The Media: Just Say NO

New World Health Organization/Order?

Monkey(pox) Business

The Great Reset ain’t gonna resist itself

Choosing to be “Crazy”

"The Ship That Became a Bomb"

Post-Woke #35: Choosing to Be ‘Crazy’ w/Alicen Grey!

Self-driving cars = “rolling surveillance devices”

What Bruce Lee taught me about life and liberation

It's hard to be a saint in the city...

The ACLU doing ACLU things

Trauma Bonding

Can you guess what the top adverse event of the Covid jab is?

Henry Kissinger, the World Economic Forum & population control

20 states push back against Disinformation Governance Board

Post-Woke #34: Hypocrisy, Woke-ness, and Peer Pressure

More Facebook Censorship

I looked up "hypocrisy" and found this

Your books are being pre-censored

Tampons for everyone!

Reminder: It was never about a virus

How the U.S. is like a casino

Is Justice Alito a biologist?

Hey Elon Musk, I want my cut of Twitter!

Hello free thinkers!

Post-Woke #33: Exposing the Lockdown Left w/Christian Parenti

Would Thomas Paine be called a fascist and get canceled today?

April 30: Another trip around the sun

Will you join the Internet of Bodies?

Disinformation Governance Board

Hey teachers...leave those kids alone!

Mickey Z. on Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox podcast!

Netflix CEO adds to the long line of U.S propaganda

Post-Woke #32: Why is the medical mafia trying to silence Dr. Meryl Nass?

Obama: Hope, Change & Propaganda

Internet Traffic: More Bot Than Human

Because yesterday was "Earth Day"

Let’s kill all the censors! (Twitter cancels Shakespeare)

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Notes from the last time the U.S. goaded Russia into a war

Post-Woke #31: A Pandemic of Pornography and Porn Addiction (w/Joshua Shea)

Remember when Wimbledon barred American players because the U.S. invaded a country?

Would the U.S. & Canada Put People in Camps?

Don't believe a single word they say

Doctors or CIA Agents: Who’s More Deadly?

Ukraine is not just a U.S. "proxy" war

Breaking News: You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

“Putting Big Bad Pharma Back on Trial in the COVID-19 Era”


You know you live in a monopoly capitalist culture when...

Mask Psychosis

Post-Woke #30: Connecting lockdowns, digital currency, mandates, the Great Reset, inflation & more! (w/Leslie Manookian)

California Schemin': Will COVID censorship of healthcare professionals become law?

Do you believe in ghosts?

A pandemic of co-morbidities

I’m not an economist, but…

your input please?

I'm not a biologist, but...

Rediscover the subversive pleasure of thinking for yourself

How will they program us next?

The Reality Manifesto

Thank you, Twitter, for keeping us “safe”

comparative linguistics

The CIA controls Big Tech; Big Tech controls you

the elephant in the room

What a time to be alive!

Post-Woke #29: Are you a consumer or a creator? (with musician/magician Alicen Grey)

Winning the #woke Olympics

I've been restricted by Facebook again

Yet another strike against the useless PCR test

What do you really know about climate change?

Great Reset: Don't make it SO easy for them...

Big Pharma Slaps Us Across the Face

Wikipedia Controls the Past, Present & Future

Post-Woke #28: Your “Healthcare Heroes” = Top cause of death (and it’s not just Covid)

COVID Lockdowns vs. Children

Consumers are easy to control

The two companies that own practically EVERYTHING

Madeleine Albright: "The price was worth it"

The U.S. will drop Zelensky as easily as it dropped Noriega

The Supreme Court goes #woke?

The facts of life

Post-Woke #27: Talking liberal hypocrisy, Ukraine lies & pandemic propaganda w/Cindy Sheehan

I'm not an "I told you so" kind of dude, but...

Frank Sinatra, the CIA & a coup in post-war Italy

Zelensky makes his U.S. handlers proud

What does "cashless society" really mean?

At a Freedom Rally in NYC!

That time Obama made it legal to propagandize his own people

It's Neuralyzer time!

Post-Woke #26: How to Change the World

The Ukraine “war” is just part of the Great Reset

there's nothing left on the left

Is Putin singularly "bad"?

Crazy Like a Fox?

Would a Jewish leader like Zelensky ever collaborate with Nazis?


Post-Woke #25: How the CIA manipulates the media

Meet the World Economic Forum's minor league system

Keep yer guard up...

A funny thing happened on the way to the war... think the "pandemic" is ending?

Is Ukraine a Nazi-friendly state put into power by the U.S. in a 2014 coup?

Remember the Nazi-CIA Connection

Propaganda & the 'odor of mendacity'

War & our selective memory

War is deadly for all earthlings…

Post-Woke #24: Artificial intelligence + artificial intimacy = What a time to be alive

The powers-that-shouldn’t-be are not here to protect you

U.S. bio-weapons labs in Ukraine?

What the ‘Greatest Generation’ did — 77 years ago this month

"Our" government always looks out for us!


Post-Woke #23: Mandates are being lifted & do not postpone your life

'Minority Report' is already here

How are poor countries surviving without jabs?

There’s nothing more dangerous than doctors, hospitals, and the medical industry

Post-Woke #22: Healing from Covid Mass Formation

I have a healthy distrust of authority and...

What Imaginary Incubators Can Teach Us About Ukraine

Two weeks to flatten the...

Socialist Fascists or Fascist Socialists?

A pandemic of testing, hospital kickbacks & medical malpractice

10 Questions about Russia, Ukraine & "World War III"

Post-Woke #21: What do you believe about climate change … and why?

Good reasons to not get the jab, part 4: VAERS

Good reasons to not get the jab, part 3: Not properly tested

Reminder: It wa$ never about a viru$

Good reasons to not get the jab, part 2: History

Post-Woke #20: Love is the Answer: Escaping the COVID matrix w/Alicen Grey & Sean Seybold

Good reasons to not get the jab, part 1: “Warp Speed”

Post-Woke #19: Guess what? We actually ARE all in this together!

What Helping Homeless Women Taught Me About Buddhism

The Truth About the PCR Test

Post-Woke #18: Janet Fraser on home birth and Australian repression

The Truth About Ivermectin

Was Muhammad Ali over-rated?

Not-so-breaking-news: Lockdowns are useless & dangerous

Hello Free Thinkers!

Post-Woke #17: The System Ain’t Broken, It’s Fixed

Exposed: Why the mad rush to jab kids?

Reminder: Masks Don't Work

How "my" senator defends Fauci

Joni Mitchell = Black man?

Post-Woke #16: I'm proudly sharing space with Joe Rogan on Spotify

In the past two years, you gave up so much

Post-Woke #15: Dr. Jessica Rose on vaccine adverse events & VAERS

Dr. Jessica Rose on vaccine adverse events and much more

Don't miss Post-Woke, episode #15!

Post-Woke #14: The #Woke Left Goes From Hating Monsanto to Loving Moderna

Your cult is collapsing, now what?

Post-Woke #13: Doesn’t the Bill of Rights protect us from cruel & unusual punishment?

The Rise & Fall of 5Pointz

Post-Woke #12: Gov't over-reach & citizen over-compliance w/Uncle Butch

Covid Narrative is Crumbling: Don’t Let Them Gaslight You

Felonious Monk?

Post-Woke #11: The “Let’s Get Cancelled” Episode

Post-Woke #10: Sean Seybold on consciousness, music, redesigning education & more

From John D. Rockefeller to Bill Gates & Beyond