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Thanks for this. So needed. Everyday I leave my 12 hour night shift as an RN my head spins because ppl still actually trust the system. We are healing beings. Every moment of every day our bodies are healing and moving toward balance. We’re constantly fucking it up with shitty food (exactly what hospitals feed ppl), shitty thoughts and lack of movement. Most nurses and docs don’t even believe in healing. They imagine the body is a machine. It’s embarrassing. I love being a nurse but it’s a shitshow. I pray I never end up in the system. It’ll likely collapse soon. I’ve only recently discovered that Rockefeller is likely who ruined medicine. A story I need to dig into more. Forces like the AMA mocked naturopathic, chiropractic and homeopathy so that money could be made with pharma. Of course there is a place for surgery, pharmaceuticals etc. but mostly we’re just treating bad lifestyle with toxic remedies. The documentary Escape Fire is worth a watch.

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I wrote this in 2010:

One of the aspects of American life that destroys neighborliness is the perpetually expanding giant services sector of our economy, which is the fastest growing segment of our overall economy. This is the central focus of one of my favorite books, John McKnight’s The Careless Society. McKnight makes the astute point that service providers need an ever-increasing supply of clients in order to make a living, and thus we have developed an economic system that goes about clientizing citizens. Instead of seeking healthy lifestyle solutions and neighborly charity from friends we now tend to turn to professionals with the misguided hope they will therapize, medicalize, or social work us to health.

While this idea has been around since Aristotle, in the modern era this critique was most prominently put forward by Ivan Illich, who like McKnight, believed industrialized society was by its very function, causing deviance and illness. Illich lamented the counterproductivity of over-industrialized civilization and believed over-institutionalization was socially and culturally iatrogenic. He believed many institutions had become counterproductive to their original intent. If industrial society was to rediscover healthier living, according to Illich, it would need to deconstruct institutional systems and their reach so man could regain control over his environment. Illich’s words are especially meaningful today as we look at a behemoth health and social services system that is bankrupt and broken while the social, physical, and spiritual health of the population gets continually worse.

This understanding has created a lot of cognitive dissonance for me as a service provider as I have seen the way the American community has evolved toward a less healthy state to make room for our growing profession. The phrase for this phenomenon is social and cultural iatrogenesis – the proposed cure causes the illness. The incidence increase in depression, divorce, unwed parenting, and many other social maladies as the numbers in the services professions have grown, provides correlational evidence for social and cultural iatrogenesis. McNight and Illich are right, that we professionals need clients to expand our monetary bases. This phenomenon presents an awful paradox that our nation needs to face.

Assuredly, efforts to deconstruct this iatrogenic helping system will be met with tremendous opposition from those that have a monetary stake in maintaining or growing the existing system. However, I believe if we were to deconstruct the human services system in America in order to create more simplicity, effectiveness, and efficiency, the health of the nation would improve dramatically.

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Great photo of you & Gary, Mickey! Speaks volumes. The second most dangerous place in the world is the the crocodile infested swamp of northern Australia. The most dangerous place in the world is any U.S. hospital. Freedom is self-responsibility - I have been blessed to stay out of pharmacies and medical facilities for quite a few decades and am grateful for the holistic health movement, the organic movement, the vegan movement, the veganic movement, the spiritual healing movement, meditation, yoga, Chigong, nonWestern approaches to healing in general, sunshine, fresh air, nature, animals, love, purpose, freedom, staying away from doctors, distrusting authority & media, and intuition. Love your work!

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Lack of relationship, community, and accountability. Everyone, everything has been isolated to the point there is no meaning because there is no connection. Definitions are changed and no one cares or notches. Lines are blurred or erased. We do not see the whole nor the relationships between. Everything is being isolated, catalogued, sanitized, and medicalized. It’s a Malthusian, utilitarian view of life. Contradictions are everywhere. The worry about of environment/climate while we produce evermore disposable junk - masks, medical supplies, batteries. Sustainable? Wind turbines, solar panels, batteries ... Ask the fish & the birds about it. Life, death, nature - we run from it, try to hide it away and replace it with things that are predictable and make us feel secure & safe. It’s an illusion. No technology will solve this. Just respect nature and what is and always has been.

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Dr Coleman being a doctor himself wrote a book about it. Your doctor can in fact easier kill you than heal you.

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People need to speak up and tell their doctors when they are being arrogant or misleading or deliberately ambigous or know it alls....I was most proud of a doctor telling me she didn't think she was the right doctor for me because we had clashing personalities. She was 36 years old and told me what I should be doing at 72 which mostly involved taking statin drugs and other nefarious meds...never mind about the INJECTION...so I told her she wasn't even wet behind the ears and she had a lot of nerve to tell me anything about anything except test results. She was ticked off and I felt empowered. Doctors are not god. They are technicians doing what they are told to do to get paid.

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The medical profession was hi-jacked back at the turn of the 20th century by the Rockefeller mob. They saw a major profit to be made in the snake oil business which became the pharmaceutical industry. One drug for every ailment to cover up symptoms of the actual underlying causes and to make you a patient for life from the toxic effects of the drugs.

See: Toxicology vs virology https://courageouslion380.substack.com/p/toxicology-vs-virology.

The whole concept has turned the medical profession into a medical mafia run by ignorant to the truth because of what they have been "taught" in the medical "schools". My first red pill was back in the 1980's with Eustis Mullens book, Murder By Injection. To date I have at least 10 books on the subject of medical conspiracies that I've read. My latest is Medical Madness and Virus Mania. I prefer to deal with my TERRAIN with natural healing methods. I'm working on dealing with insulin resistance right now.

Another one that touches on the subject caused by their insanity is The SSRI Connection to Suicides, Spontaneous Murder and Mass Shootings https://courageouslion380.substack.com/p/the-ssri-connection-to-suicides-spontaneous-2c0

Trust your typical allopathic doctor as far as you can throw him/her.

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In the last 3 years of my awakening to the mass deceptions, a shocking one that I learned was that iatrogenesis is the third leading cause of all deaths. Given underreporting however, and that institutional cover-ups are of course happening, it would not be a stretch to say it’s actually the first leading cause. I approve the title of this piece.

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