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It's on my list to get to! Thanks in advance, Mickey.

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Ooh, this looks like a good one. Can't wait for an opportunity to kick back and listen later from start to finish. Good incetive to get a bunch of work done...

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After we stopped recording, I thought of like 10 more things I wanted to say about Evil 🫠 I guess we'll need to record another episode soon!

I love being on yer podcast, bess fren! Thanks again for having me on!

And I see you posted this episode #77 at 7AM 🙃

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Thank you for this conversation- I needed to hear this!!! It actually brought me to tears. I definitely still fall into the traps of evil. It is easier to get into a cycle of negativity and anger instead of being loving and patient with myself and others. I'm getting better to focus on judging people by their fruits. It's still a work in progress. I think that since I was a "blind follower" and "blind truster" most of my life, I've now swung too far in the other direction to try to protect myself from being fooled again. Seeing a blank page in a beautiful journal has the opposite effect on me. I feel anxious about "wasting paper" on a mistake or a doodle. I have a long way to go to just let myself play and make mistakes.

I'm glad Alicen brought up all the symbolism nonsense. I fell for that, too. Analyzing Free Manson "symbols" is still all over YouTube. Anytime I saw someone use an "ok sign" or they used an owl logo, ect I became suspicious of them. Ugh, I'm embarrassed now! Now, I think the" powers that shouldn't be" use these hand symbols so often just to make us paranoid! :-) The more I read about the history of Free Masons, the more I understand that their teachings/symbols have been warped and misunderstood just like many modern religions have warped spiritual teachings. I don't think there was anything nefarious about the original "secret societies". I think they existed as to "not cast pearls before swine." I digress!

The environment is such a sensitive topic that has been weaponized. At heart, I am an environmentalist. Frankly, we all should care about the environment. I love nature (and feed all the critters) and can clearly see the negative impact poor city planning and pollution has had on nature. The radical environmentalist movement doesn't really have practical solutions and it ends up turning people against trying to protect nature. In fact, their "solutions" cause more problems. It's ridiculous that the only choices we are given are wind, solar or petroleum - they're all turds in my opinion. There are so many other creative options that are never put on the table for discussion.

Deep down, I actually like the idea of "15 min cities". To me, a "15 min city" is just like the way Europeans lived in their small villages. I just don't want these cities designed by nefarious people who want to track and control us. What's wrong with having a beautifully designed city, with beautiful architecture, gardens, green space, all the amenities we need within walking distance that keep the needs of nature in mind?? It would be a whole lot better than the ugly urban-sprawl city I live in now where all of the prairie is being turned into God-awful strip malls. Do we really need 100 kinds of soda and chips at Costco?? 75% of the useless crap that's on store shelves could disappear and it would have no negative impact on our lives. I miss the days of small "mom and pop shops".

I do get angry when I see prairie chickens and geese trying to raise their babies in parking lots that were once prairies and wetlands. I do get angry when wildlife wanders into the city and they are shot for "public safety". These animals have no place to go. It's heartbreaking. Is it possible that it is really Divine intervention causing the fires, tornados and floods that are destroying cities across the US in order for there to be a complete restructuring of cities?

Sorry for another long rant - there was so much to think about :-)

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So much resonate 76, 77 and 78...

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Wonderful conversation! My first official listen ☺️

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I enjoyed that. Thank you!

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Enjoyed this one, Alicen and Mickey!! Once again, nodding along to lots, esp about staying in the frequency of love --with a full-hearted "they know not what they do" forgiveness vibe! I have ruminated on this point lots over the years , esp the last few. Thanks for the rad convo, you two!!

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