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The problem started when men decided it was normal and okay for them use women for sex with or without money. There is not an acceptable solution to this problem because going back to the good old days before online porn is as unacceptable. That ain’t going to fly any longer either.

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"There is no way of making a hedge grow like pruning it. And there is no way of making sex interesting like repressing it." - Alan Watts

It’s only through mass repression of more natural sexual relations can a widespread porn addiction even emerge. This culture specializes in repression and reductionist objectification of of all living things into something to be consumed or obtained.

Human touch in general is repressed now more than ever perhaps, and trending towards people being even more apprehensive of being touched by anyone. I think a healthier culture would first have tight knit communities sans centralized power with larger trusted social groups and hence may be far more open about sex and wouldn’t make such a big deal of it, or nudity, and may even find strict monogamy and rampant jealousy as cultural artifacts of a broken society that are no longer relevant.

However sexuality under a dominator culture though is like everything else that should be naturally here but isn’t e.g. land, community, food, shelter etc, as it takes something that otherwise would be bountiful and restricts it from you in order to control the human herds and make a competition of it; installs values via operant/pavlovian conditioning that work for the dominator class, and intentionally elevates desperation and social division so that the dominator can extract what it wants.

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